Internet Archive make 1.4 million books available for free

Now that millions of people around the world are confined by the coronavirus, there is much time that many will have to dedicate to the practice of various activities, including reading.
With this in mind, the Internet Archive, an organization dedicated to collecting copies of the contents present on the World Wide Web with the aim of preserving them for the future, has decided to make available to its users a wide collection of literary material.
Designated under the name of National Emergency Library (NEL), this Internet Archive initiative is made up of 1.4 million digital books belonging to the Open Library, which can be accessed for free.
In this way, the Internet Archive suspends the waiting lists corresponding to the book loan process, a modality that governs its original library OpenLibrary.org, founded 9 years ago.
It should be noted that the Internet Archive will keep this measure in force until June 30, a date that may be extended in the event that the emergency in the United States caused by COVID-19 should extend beyond that time. Through free access to 1.4 million books, the Internet Archive, together with the collaborating university libraries, seek to put at the service of anyone in need of educational and literary material that is beyond their reach.

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According to what was expressed in the Internet Archive blog, within the set of books that make up the NEL collection, titles published during the course of the 20th century have been included, which, until now, lacked an official e-book, making them well, difficult to get in other online libraries.
In statements offered by Internet Archive digital librarian Brewster Kahle regarding the role this virtual library plays in this circumstance, the same express:
The library system, due to our national emergency, comes to the rescue of all those who are forced to learn from their homes. This was our dream when the Internet was born: a library within everyone's reach. 
Although the project is adapted to the circumstances caused by COVID-19 in the United States, its scope is global so, regardless of where you are in the world, you can easily access this collection.
Regarding the language of the books present in the NEL, most of these are available in English. However, it is possible to find a large number of them in other languages such as Spanish (18,979), Chinese (25,964), French (22,726), German (13,121), among others.
Remember that there are hundreds of other books in Spanish indicated in this entry.

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