How to properly disinfect a mobile phone

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In full psychosis of the coronavirus COVID-19, in which the health authorities recommend extreme hygiene measures by frequently washing our hands, we often forget a small detail: we spend the day with the smartphone in our hands or near the face, nose and mouth.

In case that was not enough reason to blow up the alarms, according to a study carried out by the US Library of Medicine, up to 10 times more bacteria accumulate on a regular smartphone than in a toilet.

To avoid this potential focus of infections it is best to apply a deep cleaning treatment to maintain a good level of hygiene on your smartphone. In fact, even large manufacturers such as Apple or Google recommend disinfecting the mobile phone correctly.

What do you need to disinfect the mobile?

  1. Two soft cloths that do not release fibres: the first and most obvious is to count two soft cloths that do not leave lint or fibres when cleaning.
  2. This option is more advisable than using paper towels since these can produce micro scratches on the screen that would eventually damage it or, at least, damage the oleophobic layer that protects the screen.
  3. Soft hand soap: the oleophobic coatings of the screen and some back covers are very sensitive. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid aggressive household cleaning products and abrasive solutions.
  4. Toothpick: thanks to its slim and pointed profile, it allows access to corners such as the SIM card tray or the speaker slot for deep cleaning.

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How to properly disinfect a mobile phone
The first thing to keep in mind before starting to disinfect your smartphone is to know the level of water resistance of the smartphone.

You should not take the same care with a smartphone with IP68 resistance that you could very well clean under the tap than one that is not waterproof, so the way to deal with cleaning will change dramatically.

Then, completely turn off the smartphone and remove any accessories such as battery cases, covers or stands.

The third step is to prepare a soapy solution with warm water to clean the terminal. The proportion varies depending on the type of soap, so it is at the discretion of each.

Moisten one of the soft cloths in greater or lesser intensity depending on the degree of water-resistance of the smartphone and drain it to remove excess water to proceed to clean the mobile with successive passes on both sides and across the edge.

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Make sure you have a special impact on the area of the screen and on the bottom of the mobile since these areas are the ones that are most exposed to your mouth and nose.

When you finish, thoroughly dry every corner of the smartphone with the second cloth making sure that it does not leave lint in its path that can get caught in the connectors or grilles of the smartphone.
You can help with the stick to access more precisely the most inaccessible corners, and remove the SIM card to clean the tray in-depth once there is no risk of water entering that slot.

With this simple operation performed frequently, your smartphone will be kept clean and you will reduce the chances of getting diseases from exposure to viruses and bacteria.

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