IBM and the White House to use supercomputers against coronavirus

IBM has already indicated that it was giving access to its supercomputer to help find the cure for the coronavirus, but now it goes one step further.
It was announced a few hours ago that they are part of a larger effort to provide more than 330 petaflops of computing power to scientists investigating COVID-19. All of that ability will be used to develop algorithms to assess COVID-19 progress and to model potential therapies for a possible vaccine.
Thanks to this access, it will be possible to perform a large number of calculations in epidemiology, bioinformatics and molecular modelling, calculations that would take years to complete if working with traditional computer platforms.

White House Taps IBM to Fight Coronavirus Outbreak | The Motley Fool

It is a new consortium, the COVID-19 High-Performance Computing (HPC) Consortium, which includes the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the US Department of Energy. USA, MIT, NASA, National Science Foundation, Microsoft, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Amazon and others.IBM will help evaluate the institutions' proposals and provide computing access for projects that can "have the most immediate impact." The teams will have at their disposal 16 systems with a combination of 775,000 processor cores and 34,000 GPUs, which can take around 330 petaflops.

White House puts American supercomputers to work on Covid-19 ...

Microsoft will expand Azure cloud access and high-performance computing capabilities, Amazon will focus on AWS web services (recently launched a $ 20 million initiative to fight COVID-19), Google commented that they will participate in this initiative together with technology leaders and the public sector to make more resources available to COVID-19 researchers and apply Google Cloud computing capabilities to develop potential treatments and vaccines.
There is already a website to request access to this universe. 
The hope is that supercomputers can reduce the amount of time it takes to bring new drugs to market. Less than 12% of all drugs entering clinical trials end up in pharmacies, and it takes at least 10 years for drugs to reach the market. This time has to be reduced a lot now since the coronavirus will not disappear from our planet, that has to be clear.

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