A few days ago we visited the new Rayvolt store to learn a little more about the brand's proposal and the range of electric bicycles available to them.
Revolt is based in Barcelona, a location chosen as the centre because of its dynamism, culture and the talent potential that can be found there. His new store is located in the El Born district, where engineering, design, marketing and brand management work is carried out. Additionally, they have global distribution coverage and a physical presence in 23 countries, including much of Europe and North America, plus Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
Among the available Rayvolt models, the Cruzer stands out, also called the “original Rayvolt”, being the first model launched by this company. Its design takes inspiration from the Californian rock era of the 60s and influences from the first era of motorcycles, those that date back to the beginning of the last century. You can customize its color, but its variants include Clock Work Orange, British Racing Green and Gun Metal Gray. It is worth watching it on video:

Rayvolt cruzer

As a variant of the Cruzer edition, the Rayvolt catalogue also features the Torino model, named after a young bull. This bike retains the frame look of the previous model, but with a sportier design. It has a low centre of gravity, wider tires and a compact profile, ideal for stronger profiles, with higher performance. Its colours can be customized, highlighting its Graphene Gray, Pearl White and Electric Green editions.
Rayvolt Ambassador
The Ambassador model retains the classic essence of what we know today when it comes to bicycles. Its design is perfect for those who feel comfortable with a traditional model or feel too "extravagant" a different variant. It combines retro and neoclassical details, with a noticeable emphasis on detail and finish. It is available in three colours: Royal Blue, British Green and Burgundy Wine.
Rayvolt Clubman

To moves comfortably around the city, there is the Clubman model, specially designed for those who enjoy moving around the city for mere pleasure or routine, even at night. Its design is compact and combines sporty and refined details. You can find it in two colours: Black Shadow and Blue Night.


If you are looking for an adventure bike, Rayvolt has the Beachin 'model, which is ideal for travelling on the beach. Its size plus its large wheels make this bicycle a stable and manageable alternative, making it more comfortable to move around sand or dirty terrain. You can find this model in two colours: Vintage Green and Laguna Blue.

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