Realme changes its after-sales policy and extends the replacement period by two more months

Realme changes its after-sales policy
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Realme continues to gain the affection of users and, after entering Spain very well, has just announced that they are going to make changes to its return and replacement policy in response to the coronavirus. 
The Chinese company, as we say, has entered Spain strongly. In a few months, it has become one of the best sellers in our country, and in the mid-range terrain, it is threatening the sovereignty of a Xiaomi that seems to have been caught unawares. 
Realme belongs to the BBK group (Oppo, a Vivo that arrives in Spain and OnePlus), so it is not surprising that they know how to do things well at the marketing level and, in addition, they can afford to have terminals with a great quality/price. Now they go one step further, adapting to a difficult situation for everyone. 
As they inform us from the company, realme changes its policy of refund and replacement of terminals due to COVID-19. It is logical that it is something that is affecting us all in our routine, but also to companies and, of course, it is appreciated that certain times are delayed to carry out some operations. 

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The company has just announced that the refund request has been extended for two more months from March 23. Likewise, the replacement request time is also extended, another two months. 
If any user needs to replace their phone immediately for whatever reason, they can do so through the realme official website, thus avoiding going outside. 
Within the situation, it is good news from the company and a gesture towards its users. And, if we talk about the fight against the virus, we also have nice news: there are technology companies that are putting all their computing power to find a vaccine, finding positive cases that, now, will have to be tested. 

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Just like realme, we encourage you to stay home. We have enough entertainment available to prevent the walls of the house from falling on us. For example, we can make virtual visits to museums, play classic games for free, enjoy the recently released Disney Plus service or take the opportunity to read a little.
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