Twitter is shooting up the number of users in recent weeks

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How much time are you spending in front of the screen in the last days? It is clear that when we are forced to stay at home, the consumption we make of streaming platforms increases and the time we spend on social networks. In addition, the situation is also causing many people to make the leap to new platforms, whether they are more innovative, such as TikTok, or the best known, such as Twitter.Twitter is experiencing significant growth in the number of users and activity these days. According to the company data, daily active users have seen an increase of 23%. At this time it is estimated at 164 million quarterly. 

It is not for less, among other advantages we must add the effectiveness of Twitter to stay informed at all times from different sources. Faced with the decline that Facebook is experiencing in recent times and the barrier that can be posed by solely visual content from Instagram or TikTok, Twitter has become an interesting option. credit: third party image reference
However, as you can imagine, an increase in users does not have to go according to the benefits, and on Twitter, they are suffering a significant loss of income due to the coronavirus and the savings in the marketing and advertising budgets that Many companies are doing it, according to information published by Reuters. 

Uncertainty has taken over companies that see big risks of investing in advertising when factories and establishments have closed and the world economy is close to stopping in most sectors. Social networks, like the vast majority of websites and magazines, have their main source of income from advertising, not visits. credit: third party image reference
The truth is that with or without a global crisis, the numbers of users on Twitter tend to be in continuous growth, but their economic profitability is always in doubt and in recent times has led to an intense debate on the continuity of Jack Dorsey as CEO of the company. 

In any case, what was foreseeable in the digital sector is being experienced, a significant increase in its use worldwide as it is the most direct and customizable window to the outside world. But even with these developments, the future of Twitter is not clear.

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