Amazfit Nexo, the Xiaomi sports smartwatch with 4G

Amazfit Nexo(Amazfit Verge 2) 4G Smart Watch Phone Offered for $159

Searching for a new smartwatch that can give you the time, see notifications and track your physical activity is becoming more difficult every day due to all the options that exist. But if you want it with 4G to be able to connect to data networks, the market is reduced. A good option is the Amazfit Nexo tea, belonging to the Xiaomi ecosystem.

The biggest advantage of this Amazfit Nexo is that it has a 4G connection that you can use to continue receiving some notifications, make calls or send messages without the need for a mobile phone. It is also on offer in PC Components, where you can get it for € 191.81.

It is a luxury smartwatch, with a very marked level of detail to the design, for example with its highly resistant polished zircon ceramic structure. It also has a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen, perfect for viewing in direct sunlight.

Xiaomi Amazfit Nexo Review: A Zirconium Ceramic frame Smartwatc

This watch is compatible with 4G data networks thanks to an eSIM, so you don't need to insert any plastic card inside. But this limits its use to a couple of operators: it will work with Movistar and Vodafone.

It is capable of tracking sports such as treadmill running, indoor cycling, or jumping rope. Also with outdoor sports such as running, walking, climbing or soccer, among others. It also has sleep monitoring and a heart rate sensor.

Its 420 mAh battery lasts for about 28 hours of typical use, which is reduced if you use functions that use GPS as outdoor sports.

Amazfit Nexo high-end Smartwatch with 4G-LTE and AMOLED display ...

If you want a product that will only be used to count calories, you do not need a product as complete as this Amazfit Nexo, it will surely serve you with a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 that costs € 29.

This offer from the Amazfit Nexo is perfect for anyone looking for a product compatible with the Xiaomi ecosystem and that also has 4G at a price that is not very expensive. It is available for € 191.81 with fast shipping in PC Components.

It is also available on Amazon, but in white and is more expensive, for € 194.75.

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