Charge 4 is Fitbit's new GPS activity tracker

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Leading an active and healthy life has positive effects on the quality of life of people. One way to encourage this physical activity is gratification: set challenges and monitor your activities to improve yourself day by day. 
That is one of the objectives of Charge 4, the new premium sports bracelet that integrates some of the latest advances in monitoring physical activities and training. 
The new Fitbit Charge 4 sports bracelet has been designed to optimize GPS performance, in addition to housing other advanced sensors, maintaining the same weight and autonomy as the Charge 3.
New functions with GPS and great autonomy
Charge 4 is the first Fitbit activity tracker with integrated GPS, so you no longer need to carry your mobile with you during physical activity. This frees the user from that extra weight and can focus on their activity without losing any of the monitoring functions that now allows access to 7 GPS-enabled exercise modes. 
At the end of the GPS-monitored activity, the sports band is synchronized with the smartphone and a training intensity map is displayed in the Fitbit application, indicating the different intensities of the route. credit: third party image reference
In addition to the new functions provided by the integrated GPS location, Charge 4 includes all the functions that were already included in the previous smart bands of the brand, such as automatic recognition of Smart Track activity, the level of aerobic capacity, sedentary reminders, registration of food, water and weight, and a long list of functions. 
We are talking about a battery that offers an autonomy of up to 7 days duration in a premium activity bracelet that has a very comfortable design to wear throughout the day as it is resistant to impacts and immersions of up to 50 meters, so it is not You will have trouble monitoring your workouts in the pool.
Active zone and improvement in activity detection
Another novelty of the Fitbit Charge 4 is the function called Active Zone, which detects the difference between your constants at rest and during training to establish if physical activity is being intense enough or you need to increase the intensity. 
This new iteration of the Charge range combines sleep sensors and relative SpO2 sensors that calculate blood oxygen saturation while you sleep to establish a pattern of sleep quality. credit: third party image reference
The new Fitbit smart band does not forget about connectivity, being the first Charge that has Spotify Connect & Control that allows you to control Spotify functions from the wrist, in addition to receiving notifications of messages, calls and other usual in these devices. 
One of the options that users will most appreciate about this Charge 4 is the one that allows secure payments from the sports band thanks to Fitbit Pay technology that allows paying on any con tactless data phone. 
Charge 4 is already available for pre-sale starting today for 149.95 euros and can be purchased in stores from April 15.

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