Google's proposal to record physical activity receives a series of changes in its latest update.

These are changes to the interface and some extras that will make it easier for intensive users of Google Fit to keep track of their training routine.

Some changes are dedicated to improving the user experience when using the app from the mobile, for example, the text is easier to read in some sections so that with a simple glance you can see its performance in real-time. So you will find bigger text and brighter colours.

One detail that you will notice when opening the app is that the step count gains relevance. Until now, Active Minutes and Cardio Points were on the podium as basic activity information. But as of this update, Steps go up the options and Active Minutes are displayed with calories and km.

As the Google team mentions, this change seeks to satisfy one of the users' requests, since many take this data as a starting point to measure their physical activity. On the other hand, there is also news for Google Fit on Wear OS devices.

Following the same dynamics as the mobile app, the Step Count and Cardio Points will now be displayed on the main card. The user will be able to check their daily or weekly performance and with a few simple taps start tracking any activity.

These changes have already begun to be applied in the Google Fit app for Android. You only need to have the latest version or take a look at Google Play to see if the update is pending.

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