Google will force mobile manufacturers to unify the update system with Android 11

Android 11 will fix dozens of small annoyances, but what about the ...

When Android 11 arrives on mobiles, Google wants updates to be carried out in the same way, whatever the brand of our mobile. Manufacturers will have to catch up and adapt to the update process that the internet giant intends to impose with its next version of the mobile operating system.

From the XDA-Developers website, he has analyzed a change in Google's Vendor Test Suite (VTS). This change indicates that the VTS will be responsible for verifying that all devices with Android 11 and even later versions support updates with the A / B partition.

This system allows updates to be "perfect". Its methodology includes many advantages and protects the device more when updating. However, not all manufacturers have installed that A / B partition, so now they will have to catch up or else the updates will fail.

Android 11 will fix dozens of small annoyances, but what about the ...

The A / B partition structure dates back to 2016 and brings quite a few benefits to devices. In addition to allowing updates to be carried out in the background, that is, allowing the mobile to continue to be used while security patches or updates are installed, it also protects it against installation failure.

There is always a backup available, if one copy fails, there is a second one that comes to the rescue so that we do not lose any data. Furthermore, in case of failure, the system goes back in the process and starts again on the other partition, preventing the terminal from being blocked. This is the same system that Chromebooks use to avoid problems during updates.

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Brands like OnePlus, LG, HTC, Motorola, Google, ASUS and Sony have already joined this method and include it in all their models. But, important companies like Samsung and Huawei still resist. Until now, Google has limited itself to recommending the partition method. However, according to the data found in the VTS, the next flagships with Android will have to support this method.

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