How can you disinfect your car with homemade products

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We start a series of tips about your car, maintenance, avoid breakdowns. And we do it with a current topic: how to disinfect your car. 
It can be quite simple because you don't even have to resort to professional or hard-to-find products and you only have to take a few precautions. Especially if you know that a pathogen such as a coronavirus is present in your vehicle because you have had contact with an infected person, you must use gloves and a disposable gown. 
If you do not have a dressing gown -to AUTOBILD.ES the order has taken almost a week to arrive-, you can use your clothes, before entering your house you must take off everything and put it to wash. In the case of footwear, to disinfect it from the coronavirus, the most advisable thing is to have a towel impregnated in a solution of water and bleach on the doormat to clean the sole well and, in any case, leave it at the entrance or outside the house. 

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However, when it comes to cleaning the car from coronavirus and, above all, using it if you have to go to work every day, the key is to be clear about how COVID-19 is transmitted. Although airborne contagion is a possibility, the reality is that the pathogen lives in the droplets of the breath or in the particles that are expelled when coughing or sneezing and that is where it is transmitted. 
Both types of particles are a fairly humid environment and are considerable in size - from one to five micrometres - so they tend to fall and settle on the ground. From a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, COVID-19 in the car can withstand up to three days on plastic or metal, most commonly in a vehicle other than leather, where it survives up to 24 hours. 
So, if you want to have your car free of coronavirus, the most appropriate thing is that you follow the confinement order and simply avoid using it for three days. However, not everyone is locked up at home many of the people who are working during this State of Alarm do so behind the wheel: postmen, couriers or delivery people, in addition to the rest of the workers who are recommended to use your private vehicle to avoid more than possible contagions from public transport. 

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Of course, during this State of Alarm by COVID-19, you cannot share a car with anyone and it is a measure that has all the logic in the world. Live in the droplets of breath, if a person is infected in your vehicle, "the car's air system will distribute the coronavirus throughout the cabin and multiply the chances that you will become infected," says Estanislao Nistal, virologist and professor at the University CEU San Pablo. 
According to the expert, car ventilation or air conditioning acts "like those modern hand dryers, so powerful that they are the best dispersants of viruses and other pathogens." On what to use to remove viruses from the interior of a car, luckily, there are multiple possibilities and all quite cheap.
"The surface of a virus is the same as that of a normal cell, so soap destroys it. A 1% bleach solution for sheet metal and door handles, etc. or knives at home is more than enough and, of course, there is the time and the temperature, if you have the car parked in the sun for a day or two, it is certain that there are no viruses left inside, "says Nistal.

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