In China they deliver new cars with a drone to avoid contact

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Innovation is the order of the day and a Chinese brand, Geely Auto, delivers cars with a drone to avoid contact and, therefore, avoid possible coronavirus infections. But it may not be exactly as you imagine ...What Geely really delivers are the car keys, which the customer will receive at home thanks to a drone. Previously, the vehicle could have been configured online, as well as financed if desired, and the buyer can even take out his insurance from home. 
In this way, a closeness between the Geely employees and the clients will not be necessary and the security of both will be increased. The drone car delivery platform was launched last February, at the outbreak of the health crisis in China and has been very well received. credit: third party image reference
Geely has since registered 10,000 requests and 110,000 other users have registered and have expressed an interest in purchasing a Geely in the short term. Once the buyers have made their payment, they will receive the car key with a drone on their doors or windows and will be able to go directly to the dealership through it, without contact with other human beings. 
In addition, Geely Auto ensures that all its vehicles will be disinfected before delivery, through ionization, so that drivers can feel safe throughout the purchase process. Of course, it seems that this situation we are experiencing will greatly change the society in which we live. credit: third party image reference
This Chinese manufacturer has also assured that it will invest more than 48 million euros in developing cleaner and healthier vehicles, with air purification systems for the cabin and antimicrobial materials by nature. Actually, one of their cars, the Geely ICON, already incorporates antibacterial filters.
The news was shared via a press release on Geely’s global website, sharing its move to a fully contactless delivery option to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.
Geely is delivering its new ICON model of cars using drones. The cars are sprayed with disinfectant put on the back of a truck and delivered to the customers’ house. A drone is then sent up with keys attached and flown directly to the customer. The customer is then free to hop in the car and start driving.
Vice President of Geely Auto Sales Company Victor Yang had the following to say in terms of keeping up with customer concerns.

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