Japan students are using robots and video calls to graduate from home

Robots replace university students in Zoom graduation ceremony - CNET

Schools and universities around the world have been forced to close because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now thousands of students are considering how to follow the classes or take the exams from home, what nobody had stopped to think about is that graduations should also be held remotely.

After hours of study and work, the graduation ceremony is a great time for every student, a form of recognition for the work done. So universities are looking for ways to hold these ceremonies, even if a slight change has to be made. The most original option, without a doubt, is that of the Tokyo Business Breakthrough University.

As if it were a science fiction movie, the students of this centre have received their diploma thanks to a group of mobile robots. They are called New and basically, they are made up of wheels and a metal skeleton and a screen with a camera.

Robots replace university students in Zoom graduation ceremony - CNET

Robots have been the legs and eyes of each of the graduating students. Using the Zoom application they have been able to see the ceremony live from their homes and see how they were given the diploma and placed the toga, although physically they will not be there.

In the room, there were only a few faculty members, together with the director of the University who gave a solemn speech and a few students in charge of controlling the robots and the connection with Zoom. In this way, it has been avoided to gather too many people in the same room and expose them to possible contagion by a coronavirus.

The robots are the work of the ANA Group company and their objective is to serve as a customizable avatar when a person cannot move. Before the health crisis caused by COVID-19, they were used in museums.

Japanese students come up with a creative way to graduate while ...

In addition to receiving the diploma through the robot, Zoom allowed the entire ceremony to be followed by many homes. It is not the only educational institution that has used a telematics system to bring the ceremony closer to its students.

In Japan, Minecraft has also taken advantage to be able to graduate a group of elementary students, as well as the campus created by the University of Pennsylvania to transfer to that game the different activities that were planned for its students.

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