Juice Card, the ultra-thin, magnetic and wireless external battery so that the mobile phone never discharges

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We all know that the Achilles heel of most mobiles is their autonomy. It is of little use that it has great power and all kinds of functions if the battery does not last a day. We can use external batteries, but they are usually thick, you have to connect them by cable, or leave them on a table charging. Juice Card is wireless, ultra-thin and magnetic external battery.

Juice Card attaches to the cover of any mobile and recharges it wirelessly (if the mobile has the capacity for it, of course). This means that you can recharge the mobile instantly, without cables, and continue using it while the recharge occurs. But it also works like a conventional battery with USB cable recharging.

Another advantage is that it is a power bank much thinner than the average, so it does not bulge too much when it comes to storing it or recharging it.

Juice Card

Juice Card claims to be the world's thinnest and lightest external battery, based on its charging capacity. It is only 10.5mm thick, weighs just 134 grams, and offers an additional 5,000mAh charge. So you can double the autonomy of your mobile.

To use it magnetically, without cables, you must insert a small metal card just over 1 mm thick inside the case of your mobile. This is what will hold the battery to the smartphone, through magnetism.

It is compatible with all phones with Qi wireless recharging. It recharges through the included micro USB or USB Type C ports.

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This external magnetic battery can recharge up to two devices simultaneously. One wirelessly, and the other by a cable, through the USB output. It also has an On / Off button to activate or deactivate it when desired.

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