LG bets on a new design for its mobiles: elegant and challenging the modern

The South Korean company LG has unveiled a new design that it will put into action on its next mobile devices and that will bet on naturalness, without neglecting innovation and above all for a capital ergonomics that will make the mobile feel in perfect harmony with hand.

It is expected that on May 15, LG will present a new mobile device that would be an interesting design change compared to what we have seen previously with devices such as the LG G8, and the South Korean company has already wanted to anticipate that in the new commercial strategy of This year they will bet on the design, we will see if it is above the technical specifications.

The company wanted to clarify in a press release that the design differs from the current trend in the industry, thereby offering a minimalist design, but at the same time modern challenging certain details. What is most striking is a camera in the form of raindrops, which will vertically offer a large sensor, a couple of smaller sensors and an LED flash.

LG bets on a new design: elegant and challenging the modern ...

And it is that contrary to the current trend of offering a square camera with several sensors inside, LG will bet on three rear cameras vertically and a Flash LED, all descending in size to be in line with the design. This indicates that they will save space in the back of the device for a more uniform and elegant overall feel.

In addition to the camera, they will bet on a design with symmetrical curves. On this occasion, both the edges of the front screen and the rear of the device will be symmetrically curved, giving a more natural feeling in the hand compared to previous iterations of the South Korean firm. This will make the edges more pleasing to the eye and also to the touch.

In the note, you can read that "our next smartphone will build on the rich history of classic LG designs that have always been distinctive at first glance," says Vice President Cha Yong-Duk, head of the Mobile Communications Design Lab. from LG. "This phone will be a first look at the competitive advantage we will bring to every LG smartphone in the future."

With this, it is made very clear that this year they want to bet on a different design compared to what the competition is doing, and we will see if in terms of technical specifications they also try to go for the highest technology.

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