Microsoft works on the Surface Dock 2 and there are changes related to the connections

Surface docking stations

Microsoft would be thinking of renewing the Surface Dock with a new version that would be about to be announced and launched on the market since it would have already been listed in different online stores.

In case you do not know it, the Surface Dock is a Microsoft accessory designed to facilitate the connectivity of several of its portable and convertible devices and which basically comes to be a box with several connections both on the front and rear. Well, as they advance from DrWindows, the Surface Dock 2 has been listed in some retail stores and although its design is practically traced to the original, there are quite a few changes related to the connections both on the front and rear.

Surface docking stations

As we have commented, the main difference lies in the connections. The most remarkable thing is that it replaces the two Mini Display ports with USB ports of type C, leaving the rest of the back with the same connectors as the original such as LAN, audio, 2 USB type A and a Kensington security connector. As far as the front is concerned the two original Type-A USB ports have been replaced by two Type C USB ports.

Another novelty in addition to the connectors would come with the power since the Surface Dock 2 would allow up to 200 W of power compared to the 95 W of the device that is currently on the market.

Surface docking stations

If the Surface Dock 2 becomes official, it would join many other launches that those of Redmond is preparing to make this year, among which is the imminent Surface Go 2, the Surface Book 3, and the expected Surface Duo and Surface Neo that could be launched. in the last stretch of the year.

Given that it is already listed in some online stores, its announcement is imminent and the price could be around € 245.

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