Review: Money heist season 5 and 6 (although its filming is unknown)

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When most fans have not yet been able to finish the chapters of the new season of La casa de Papel, which premiered a few days ago, it can already be confirmed that they will be able to continue enjoying the series in two more instalments. As revealed, The Paper House will have at least seasons 5 and 6

The most international Spanish series and one of the great successes worldwide have managed to convince viewers from all countries for different reasons. It is not only the addictive plot, the performances or the social content that it exposes, in some way it has achieved that rarely explained formula that convinces all audiences without appeal. 

But despite everything that happens in the last season and those details that change the future of the series, the fifth instalment should already be in preparation. However, it is not rolling and there is an unsurprising reason: the coronavirus

Everything we know about 'Money Heist' part five

If you want to read an opinion on the recently released chapters, Raquel Hernández has written in Hobby Consolas an extensive review of La Casa de Papel 4 and explains how the action has increased while the plot somewhat resents. 

In any case, Netflix, which has just suffered a fun meeting in networks with Seat, has signed the continuation of the series, despite going step by step with it so as not to repeat the small mistakes of the past, as commented in Marca.

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At the moment it is unknown what the release date of La casa de Papel season 5 will be. The coronavirus crisis has paralyzed all the filming and until the audiovisual industry starts again, forecasts, dates and rumours have stopped. So we only have one certainty: The paper house continues.

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