Samsung will stop supporting Smart View, the app that allowed you to control your TVs remotely

Turn Your iPhone Into A Powerful Remote Control For Your Smart TV

One of the greatest advantages of technology is the ability to enhance the functions of devices when we connect them to each other, for example when we share the contents of our mobile with our Smart TV. Many applications make these functions available, one of them was Samsung Smart View: if you used it, you should know that in a few months it will no longer have support.

The Smart View application allowed to control a Samsung television with the mobile or tablet, and send multimedia content to the Smart TV to see it on the big screen, a very useful tool for many users. As Samsung is announcing in the description of the application, on October 5, 2020, Smart View will no longer have support.

The good news is that you can keep the application as long as you have it already downloaded (or you download it before the expiration date indicated), and you can continue using it. No updates or new features will be added later. In any case, the South Korean firm offers an alternative for those who want to continue using the application later.

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Smart View was available for both Android and iOS mobiles, and not only did it allow sending content to the TV and duplicate the screen, but it was also possible to carry out various functions such as controlling your TV and using your mobile without interrupting the playback on the screen.

The Samsung Smart View service will see its end on October 5, the company has warned. The reason to stop supporting this application is that Samsung already has SmartThings, the main app to control the company's smart devices, so they have decided that it is not necessary to keep Smart View separate.

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The Samsung K5500 2016 and M5500 2017 Smart TV models are compatible with the SamrtThings app, so the firm recommends users to start using this app. It is available for both Android (available on Google Play) and iOS (available on the App Store). It also works for the rest of Samsung smart TVs, so you should download and familiarize yourself with this application.

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