The pocket computer you've always dreamed of, come true with a Raspberry Pi

The new version of MutantC adds an internal battery as standard and is now capable of converting a Raspberry Pi into practically a laptop with a sliding keyboard and full autonomy.

Developer rahmanshaber has unveiled the second version of its MutantC, a sort of slide-out keyboard laptop that's tucked into a Raspberry Pi, and which comes to enhance the model unveiled last year that included an external battery.

That is why, the fundamental novelty of the MutantC v2 is that it includes an interchangeable internal battery, with which we are practically talking about a fully autonomous device that can be stored in our pocket or in our backpack without taking up practically space.

In this way, this project what comes to add is a sliding QWERTY keyboard, a touch screen and a battery to a Raspberry Pi or any mini-board on the market that has similar technical characteristics.

This new version shown is based on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and features a 3.5-inch screen, and includes a removable internal battery that provides around two hours of life on a single charge. It is not that it is an excellent autonomy, but enough to get them out of a hurry if we do not have at hand another type of pocket laptop.

MutantC v2

All of the above is encompassed within a 3D printed case with spaces for all the ports that a Raspberry Pi flaunts with what we found holes for an HDMI connector, USB Type C, Ethernet and four USB ports Type A. In any case, what stands out above all is its 52-key slide-out keyboard that lies under the screen.

The design also includes two side buttons on the top of the device, which would help the user to move more efficiently through the interface and the various menus of their Linux-based operating system.

Thinking about the future, it has also left room for different expansion ports to add additional functions such as a GPS, although this would shorten the durability of the battery.

If you are interested in the project, you can visit its official page, which since it is open source you can download to try to reproduce it in your own home if you have the necessary materials and knowledge.

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