The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could arrive with an excellent 4000mAh battery

credit: third party image reference
The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 for after the summer as usual in this line of devices is not surprising, and the latest information would have revealed its battery that would be one of the most efficient on the market.
We have already had different rumours regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 as its possible innovative screen or part of its design due to leaked cases, and the latest information states that it would have an interesting battery.
As suggested by a report from the Galaxy Club, the Galaxy Note 20 would come with a 4000mAh battery unit and the most curious thing is that the South Korean company would use this configuration for the base model. It is said that the phone that would carry this battery would be the model with number EB-BN980ABY and that it would have a nominal capacity of 3880mAh, but other than that, information on its type of fast charge has not been third party image reference
The base model's battery capacity has been referenced in this report, but the more advanced model is likely to use a higher battery that could be at 4500mAh, although this is an assumption and not information.
What does seem sung is that the device would carry an eight-core Snapdragon 865+ processor with support for 5G connectivity, in addition to the relevant One UI customization layer based on Android 10. There are doubts in the aspect of RAM and storage, but there will be several sales configurations that will not be known until days before the announcement of the third party image reference
Until the device is announced in August or September, a multitude of changes can happen in both design and specifications, but what is clear is that Samsung will not skimp on the technological forefront for one of its sure bets of the year.

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