This laptop of just ₹ 35,999.00 is a guarantee of fluidity: it has Ryzen 3 and 256GB of SSD

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Fortunately, in these complicated months, there have been plenty of laptops on the offer of all kinds and in all online stores, so that all those who have been suddenly pushed to telework have had access to a good PC at a reasonable price.

These sales do not stop, as eBay tests right now, which sells the HP 255 G7 for only € 329, a fairly competitive price if we see everything that this computer offers.

For starters, it has 256GB of storage in SSD format, which as you probably already know is much faster than a hard drive, something that is immediately noticeable in performance. Not only that, but its processor is a Ryzen 3, the best there is today in the entry range.

Both components are a guarantee of the fluidity of the operating system, although yes: you should be the one to install it since it comes without a factory OS, an inconvenience that should not be a decisive impediment if you follow our guide to install Windows 10 from scratch.

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It is increasingly common as manufacturers try to save costs wherever they can, and the operating system is one of the easiest ways to do it.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it hardly takes half an hour to install Windows 10 on your own and that in this way you can be saving more than € 100, the extra cost that laptops that do come with the Microsoft operating system usually have.

In any case, it is a good offer if you need a cheap laptop but that offers good performance:

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Beyond its benefits, which as we mentioned promise a lot, it is a computer that has free shipping to any part of Spain. It is new and brand new, like practically all eBay products right now.

For more confidence you can pay with PayPal, a payment platform that includes shipping insurance of up to € 2,000, although it will not be necessary to use it since the seller (Mequedouno) is a relatively well-known store that accumulates 98% positive opinions on eBay.

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