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What almost nobody knows about the origin of Bill Gates

When speaking about Bill Gates, the vast majority of people divide it into two aspects: being the founder of the Microsoft company and its altruistic activities. Although this simplification is not too misguided, Bill Gates can be described in many more aspects and is a person who at different times in his life has aroused as much admiration as animosity.

Although he seems to have been with us all his life, Bill Gates started very young and is only 63 years old. Further away from the front line of business, today he devotes almost all his effort to trying to bring to fruition his projects to improve the planet and especially the third world, the logistical and health problems they suffer.

During this text, we will make a vital tour of his projects, as well as some anecdotes of Bill Gates that are not very well known.

Bill Gates, the boy who read in his room
Bill Gates showed from his early year's certain signs of great intelligence and quite rebellious. He was a somewhat sullen child, with a passion for reading, an aspect that has never left him, and problems in accepting authority. Some of his detractors already observe in these questions about his youthful character aspects that later have been enhanced with success and caused a certain antipathy.

What almost nobody knows about the origin of Bill Gates

As we can see in the documentary series or interview Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates, much of that child has continued later. He continues to love books, he constantly searches for new challenges, he takes weeks to think about those he isolates himself, he has had strong confrontations with almost everyone around him and he continues to enjoy his solitude.

But he is also a very competitive person who has played bridge since he was young and has been arrested for driving at high speed.

With 20 years he created Microsoft, with 52 he finished his studies
After some labour dabbling in the prehistoric phase of computing, at 19 he decided to take the leap and create Microsoft alongside Paul Allen.

His dedication was complete and growth continued, but not immediate. Microsoft was a project to which he dedicated every hour of the day and got to sleep on the keyboard. Of course, it was also incompatible with the university studies he abandoned.

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Bill Gates en Twitter

Bill Gates graduated from Harvard a few years later ... at age 52. Despite the importance he has always given to promoting education, he left it to pursue his business ambitions.

But the career that ended was the same one that had started as a teenager, when the technology we know today had not reached the universities and there were no computer studies, Bill Gates graduated in Law.

When he did it, in 2007, he was already fully involved in his humanitarian work and in the process of transferring powers at Microsoft, a company that he would stop directing in 2008. In his speech, he warned the students that they must be activists and they had the tools To do so: "You have technology that my class members never had, and you have an understanding of global inequalities that we never had."

Work on life and hygiene
The first years of Microsoft devastated everything, and not only in the business world. Bill Gates and Paul Allen rented an apartment where they worked around the clock and the first employees also moved into. The pace was so overwhelming and the tension so strong that the days lasted more than 12 hours a day.

Bill Gates de joven

Discussions were also ongoing, especially between Bill Gates and the others because of his demand that they work longer hours. This led to continuous tensions with Paul Allen, a friendship and working relationship that was maintained by the need to continue together, but that one day ended up breaking. In 2011, Allen recognized Variety as a very difficult joint journey in which Bill Gates ended up breaking their relationship and the possibility that they continued working together.

In that apartment where Microsoft began to take shape, there were no more rules than working and nobody did the laundry or ate decently. The topic about computer scientists who neglect their image was shaped and they complied with the whole spectrum: fast food, dirty clothes on the floor, bad smell and strong confrontations.

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