YouTube will remove videos that talk about the false relationship between COVID-19 and 5G

YouTube will throttle coronavirus 5G conspiracy videos - CNET

After COVID-19, the next pandemic that the world is suffering is the hoaxes and fake news that create chaos among the population. These lines run through the networks like wildfire, despite having no scientific basis like the new conspiracy theory that is being created around 5G networks.

Websites, social media messages and videos on platforms like YouTube are echoing a lie that no one knows where it originated. This content ensures that there is a relationship between the new 5G networks and the increased spread of the virus. Such is the panic this fake new is generating that attacks on electrical towers and telecommunications engineers have already been reported in the United Kingdom.

YouTube will remove videos falsely linking COVID-19 to 5G | Engadget

To slow its progress and protect the population from false messages like these, YouTube has decided to eliminate all those videos in which this fictional relationship is mentioned. These videos are in violation of the platform's policy that prohibits content that recommends unscientific healing methods to prevent coronavirus.

However, according to Engadget, the platform is not deleting all videos with this type of message but is dedicating itself to reducing the chances that we will easily find them on the network. Recommendations for these videos are reduced, removed from search results, and advertising revenue is removed.

The Guardian also indicates that the Government of the United Kingdom is contacting those responsible in the country for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube so that the main social networks eliminate all the content related to this fake news.

YouTube will suppress any videos linking coronavirus COVID-19 to ...

This situation is highlighting the many problems that these platforms have in controlling the large amount of false information circulating on the network. Its algorithms slow the advance of some false content while allowing others to pass just as harmful.

Media such as TVE on their website are working to deny each of the hoaxes that we can find on the network. WhatsApp also works with the UN and UNICEF to prevent disinformation, creating a website with truthful data to contrast each of the chains that reach our mobile.

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