Boeing Unveils Unmanned Defense Plane With Module System And Artificial Intelligence

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Airlines and aircraft manufacturers are not only in the news due to the serious crisis that these months are facing due to the impossibility of making flights, but Boeing also continues to work on new aircraft, as they have done since the company was founded in 1916. One of the latest announcements they have made is the manufacture of autonomous transport and combat aircraft.

Under the name Loyal Wingman, this military aircraft that uses artificial intelligence in its autonomous flights has been presented. The aircraft has been designed for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) with an intimidating appearance that does not hide its functions.

The aircraft will be able to perform autonomous navigation actions, but also be fully controlled by operators from a desktop interface. In principle, the idea is to combine both routes to take full advantage of the anticipatory possibilities of AI, to study future uses and at the same time coordinate its movements from the ground.

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Loyal Wingman has a length of 11.5 meters and interchangeable pieces in modules to fit the function to be performed. According to Hypertextual information, it allows the search and infrared tracking, radars, to be a link for communications or to use lasers with a theoretically defensive function.

The warlike function of the invention has not been hidden and it can be added to drones that are already used in warfare without the need for a person to participate in person in combat. The Loyal Wingman would be added to other types of machinery and aircraft to secure the fighting, as reported in The Drive.

The goal of this autonomous plane, which is priced at approximately $ 2 million, is also to protect combat aircraft that can exceed hundreds of millions. This would avoid endangering human lives, but also large investments made.

Readers and science fiction fans will know that it has always been warned that combining artificial intelligence and warfare technology may not be a good idea. But the steps in the sector are slow and, as can be seen on this aircraft, for the moment autonomous control is combined with that of the operators.

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