In the UK they sell an anti-5G USB that costs 350 euros

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We live in strange times where groups of supposedly educated people refuse to believe in Science. They call thousands of scientists liars and give credibility to alleged conspiracy theories. In the middle of 2020, some people defend that the Earth is flat, that climate change does not exist, or that the 5G connection or WiFi cause sterility, cancer, or are the culprits of the human virus. Others try to take advantage of this credulity, and that is why we can find things for sales such as the USB anti-5G, which for only 350 euros protects you against " all harmful unbalanced electrical radiation, including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and WIFI ".
According to its creators, what this USB does is " create an impenetrable shield using a nano-layer that uses a quantum holographic catalyst ." This nano-layer has a range of 8 to 40 meters, so it can protect your entire house.

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A security website called PenTest Partners has analyzed this device, and after shredding it, it concludes that it is a 128 MB USB that costs 5 euros, with a sticker and a PDF with instructions. The website concludes that " we do not believe you should buy this product unless you believe that a sticker generates a nano-layer with a quantum holographic catalyst," and invites the British authorities to intervene.
This anti 5G USB has caused a stir in the UK after it was allegedly recommended by a member of a 5G committee from Glastonbury town council.

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It also comes at a time when several 5G phone antennas have been burned in the UK, because the aforementioned conspiracies associate them with the expansion of the human virus, something that is totally ruled out by scientists.
Dozens of independent scientific studies by the World Health Organization and even cancer-fighting institutes conclude that the 5G connection waves are low radiation, and pose no danger.
The 5G connection is transmitted through low-intensity waves that cannot alter DNA, which is what causes cancer or causes a virus to mutate. Therefore, they cannot create or promote the spread of the human virus, nor to cause disease. All serious scientific studies that have been carried outcome to this same conclusion.

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