Little F2 Pro, analysis: Xiaomi returns to the fray with another phone that gives us more than it costs

Little F2 Pro, analysis: Xiaomi returns to the fray with another ...

Nexus, OnePlus ... there are not many mobile terminals that end up being part of the history of mobile telephony. The PocoPhone F1 has already earned that right, so the launch of the new Poco F2 Pro was more than expected. It took a while, but we already have it here.

The new Poco F2 Pro repeats ambition, media relevance, and that desire to democratize the high-end with almost no restrictions. We have tested it to see if everything it promises for 549 euros is real or not.

As a newcomer to the market, the Poco F2 Pro debuts the latest advances in many of its sections. With the Snapdragon 865, it does it at the processor level, but we also have a version with LPDDR5 RAM and the incorporation of 5G and Wifi 6 technology at the connectivity level.

Premium design with the touch of the retractable camera
Although the price of the new Poco F2 Pro does not exceed 500 euros according to promotions (the official once the launch offer is 549 euros), the brand new high-end model of Poco has not hesitated to raise its level of finish to levels that we consider high-end of the highest level.

No plastic this time and yes glass that gives you the extra quality you expect when you pay a certain amount of money on a new mobile phone.

The Poco F2 Pro offers a glass finish so that we can not doubt its packaging or the price we pay for it
That nobler glass finish is conveniently protected by Gorilla Glass 5, protection that applies to both the back and the screen.

Little F2 Pro, analysis: Xiaomi returns to the fray with another ...

The back of the Poco F2 Pro has a glossy finish, in a neon blue tone in our test model, undoubtedly being a very attractive terminal visually speaking. All available colors are. The slight curvature of the back also helps when reaching the junction with the metal frame in the same everything as the rest of the phone.

The glass finish is true that it raises the level of design of this Poco terminal, but it brings us a higher weight (210 grams), something that is easily noticeable. When taking it and despite a thickness that remains below 9 mm, the Poco F2 Pro transmits the idea of ​​a heavy terminal, although without being uncomfortable to use at all.

On the positive side of the Poco F2 Pro's shiny glass finish, we must talk about the increased friction with the hand, which makes it grip quite well and there is no continuous feeling of fear that it will fall.

In any case, there will be those who positively value that the terminal comes standard with a semi-rigid silicone case that is transparent to maintain the essence of the design, but that detracts much value visually and of course to the touch. The case also helps keep the back clean, which is quite prone to showing traces on its surface.

Little F2 Pro, analysis: Xiaomi returns to the fray with another ...

The Poco F2 Pro has managed to integrate the camera module in an elegant, practical, and very attractive way. It has a circular shape and houses the four rear cameras. The LED flash is outside of that module and does not clash much.

At the level of connections and physical controls, two details: the 3.5 mm headphone port (in the upper frame) is maintained and the power button has a red finish that makes it stand out in the blue design of the rest of the terminal.

The route, placement, and feel of that button, as well as that of the volume control, is very successful and we liked it. Both controls are located on the right side of the terminal, correct although I prefer that this volume control is located on the opposite side of the power to be able to access them more directly by naturally grasping the terminal with the left hand.

Finally, a curiosity that fans of the notification LED will like. In this Poco F2 Pro, that element that visually alerts us of calls or notifications has been integrated as a small "LED ball" right in the retractable selfie camera module.

The display of this LED is not ideal or comparable to having it on the front, so you will be able to appreciate it or not depending on the orientation of the terminal on the table. At night there will be no doubt that you have received a message, I assure you. Along with the retractable camera, we also have an infrared sensor.

The large 6.7-inch AMOLED panel

Little F2 Pro, analysis: Xiaomi returns to the fray with another ...

With all the front available for the screen, the panel of this Poco F2 Pro can do nothing but look great. It does so without a doubt at first glance thanks to the fact that there are hardly any frames or elements that hinder the "all-screen" experience.

The very small frames and the absence of elements such as the secondary camera on the front make the 6.7-inch AMOLED screen of the Poco F2 Pro a joy to behold.
On a technical level, we are facing a 6.67-inch AMOLED panel with FHD + resolution, in this case, 2400x1080 pixels. It is a density of almost 400 dpi, a figure that translates into an excellent experience at the level of sharpness.

Camera interface
It is necessary to see how little it costs to have an interface that works smoothly and allows the management of many options quickly and directly. This Poco F2 Pro is an example that we liked because it allows us to quickly assume the multiple possibilities of this quad-camera. A somewhat hidden option is enough for us to end up not using it.

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