Microsoft has created a supercomputer that enters the Top 5 of the most powerful in the world

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During the last years, we are in an era in which supercomputers are experiencing a significant boom and are competing to be the fastest in the world, just as car manufacturers are looking for the fastest vehicle. Right now, Microsoft has just built a supercomputer with which it wants to create the most powerful artificial intelligence that exists.
We recently prepared a report on IBM Summit, the most powerful supercomputer today and today it has been known about the Azure supercomputer that has 285,000 processing cores, 10,000 GPUs and a connection of 400 gigabits per second, all focused on giving life to an artificial intelligence capable of processing data at a speed previously third party image reference
According to Microsoft's announcement in a recent conference for developers, they want to vary the prism under which these teams are observed when developing it together with OpenAI, a non-profit organization. Instead of using it for a specific function, as usual, they want to work on an artificial intelligence system that later works for other teams.
According to CNET, Microsoft believes that its massive computer will bring a new sophistication to AI by making it work from different perspectives and analyzes. For example, with texts, you will " deeply absorb the nuances of language, grammar, knowledge, concepts and context to excel in multiple tasks: summarizing a long speech, moderating in online game chats, finding relevant passages in thousands of legal files ".credit: third party image reference
Although some technical aspects have not been clarified from Microsoft, they believe that the Azure team will enter the Top 5 supercomputers.
In any case, this Microsoft announcement seems promising in terms of what it entails and when combined with the company's new policy of approaching open-source and collaborating with non-profit companies. We will be aware that they reveal more details about the project.

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