Steve Carell's New Comedy Series Has Trailer, Coming To Netflix This Month

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The premiere of the new Steve Carell comedy on Netflix is ​​just around the corner. So that you can take a first look at it, the platform has released today the first trailer for Space Force, the new humour series from the creators of The Office that you can see in a few weeks.
At the beginning of the year, we recommend some Netflix releases from this 2020 that had to be tracked, and Space Force is one of them. If you like comedy series and love The Office, this is one of the most interesting shows that will hit your TV screen this year.
So far we have only been able to see a few photos, but now Netflix has shared the first Space Force trailer.

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The new Netflix humour series follows the style of The Office-type comedies, but this time focused on a different scenario: the task force charged with launching the Space Force, the new division of the Forces. Armed with which the United States wants to militarize space.
The protagonist is Mark Laird (Steve Carell), an Air Force general who is entrusted with the task of constituting the new branch of the United States Army. Along with a team of scientists, you will have to face various setbacks to find a way to bring Americans back to the Moon and dominate space.

credit: third party image reference
The series comes to us from the hand of Greg Daniels, creator of The Office, with the collaboration of Carell himself, and a high cast in which we find John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Noah Emmerich, Lisa Kudrow, Jimmy O. Yang, Diana Silvers and Tawny New some.
Netflix will release Space Force in just a few weeks: you can enjoy this fun series on May 29. If you do not want to miss the date, enter this link and click the Remind me button so that the platform will notify you of the premiere.

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