The new surgical mask does not trap the virus, it makes them harmless

credit: third party image reference

Right now, crores of face masks are being used worldwide, most of which are disposable. And they are already starting pollution problems. An Israeli medical research company has previously built masks that self-hybridize, killing viruses automatically. And best of all, they are very cheap.

Environmental groups such as Oceans Asia have already warned of thousands of abandoned face masks appearing on the ocean floor, on Asian beaches. Most sanitary masks take up to two years to deteriorate.

If we use reusable masks, then cleaning them after each use is quite heavy and time-consuming. You must wash them at more than 60 degrees or water them with bleach. Fortunately, self-hygiene masks will be available soon, killing the virus automatically.

credit: third party image reference

Researchers at Israel's Technical Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering have created a mask that is capable of killing viruses on its own.

This mask, which you can see in the opening photo of the news, has an extra layer of carbon fiber attached to the USB port. After using the mask you have to connect it to the mobile charger, creating an electric current that transmits it through the carbon fiber layer, heating it. It kills all viruses and bacteria present in the electrical charge mask.

credit: third party image reference

According to The Sun, the system has already been patented in the United States, because it works. Best of all, it is a very inexpensive technology. According to Technic, they will be able to manufacture this type of electric mask for less than 1 Euro.

Certainly in the coming weeks, we will see many new versions of masks, which resolve their main limitations. Once again, science comes to our aid to make life easier for us.

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