WhatsApp will finally make your messages safe in iCloud and Google Drive

WhatsApp will finally make your messages safe in iCloud and Google ...

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications but also one of the safest on the market, offering end-to-end encryption, but with several nuances, if you save your message history in external storages such as iCloud or Google Drive.

WhatsApp makes it clear on its help page that all the messages and photos that we store in iCloud will not have end-to-end encryption, and therefore an attacker could read these messages if they accessed our account for these services.

Now a last beta version of WhatsApp for iOS includes a change that will allow the encryption of the chat histories hosted in iCloud, also including photos and videos, something that we can even do through the configuration of the WhatsApp application.

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What would come to do is extend this end-to-end encryption feature also to messages stored in iCloud so that our conversations, videos and images stored in iCloud from WhatsApp are already safe. This fact tends to go unnoticed by most users who believe that their messages are also encrypted in iCloud, although luckily there is no evidence that it was a vulnerability previously exploited by an attacker.

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Something similar will happen with Android since the WhatsApp conversations backed by Google Drive do not have end-to-end encryption either. This new feature will also bring encryption to our WhatsApp conversations stored on Google Drive, focused on Android users.

It is another of the many innovations that WhatsApp engineers are working on, including the function of the QR code, which will allow us to add contacts in a much simpler way.

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