Acer Enduro, the new rugged laptops and tablets that can handle everything

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Acer today unveiled its new Acer Enduro range: rugged tablets and laptops with MIL-810G military protection and up to IP-65. They are intended for high-risk professions for technology, and outdoor use.
Ultrathin and designer laptops or tablets are all very well, but they are not suitable for working on a construction site, an ambulance, or in a warehouse. That is why Acer offers its new Acer Enduro range for sale, consisting of two resistant laptops and three tablets that withstand shocks, liquids, and extreme heat and cold.
Each product is focused on a different type of professional. Acer Enduro N7 is an armored laptop for emergency units and industrial workers. The Enduro N3 is somewhat lighter and thinner, intended for use by commercials, photographers, and other less risky professions. The tablets Acer Enduro T1 and T5 are designed for employees of the retail, warehouse, and manufacturing.
All of them have MIL-810G military protection and protection against water and dust up to IP65. This military protection withstands drops of up to one meter, blows, mud, and other elements.
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Acer Enduro N7 laptop
The new Acer Enduro N7 is the company's most robust ruggedized notebook. It's MIL-810G and IP-65 certified and made of shock-absorbing materials to withstand drops on hard floors and resist ingress of dust and water.
It is intended for first aid teams and field and industrial manufacturing workers.
In these professions you cannot run out of battery in the middle of an emergency, that's why the Enduro N7 has a double battery: a removable battery with a 10-hour autonomy and another integrated into the device. While using one, you can recharge the other.
It offers a 14-inch Full HD screen and 700-nit brightness, for working in broad daylight. It uses the 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor and has a fingerprint reader.
In addition to physical protection, the Acer Enduro N7 has protection at the hardware level. The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 checks for signs of intrusion during startup, while Acer Enduro Manageability Suite (AEMS) helps protect your computer while allowing you to assign services or system settings on other third party image reference
Acer Enduro N3
For professions outdoors or in busy, but lower-risk settings such as architects, commercials, or photographers, the Enduro N3 is a lighter notebook than the N7. It is also MIL-810G certified with IP-53, but a thickness of just 24.85mm and 1,985kg.
It features reinforced corners for drops, Corning Gorilla Glass to protect the screen from splashes, and the exclusive Aquafan waterproof.
Like its big brother, it integrates different data protections: Discrete Trusted Platform Module, AEMS, and password protected HDD.

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