Google Plus Replacement to be rolled out this July

Google rolling out Google Plus replacement Currents to G Suite ...

Google Plus says goodbye forever and will be replaced by currents on July 6, making it easy for Mountain Viewer to move all of the service's business content to new applications.

Google+ will eventually shut down as Mountain View will replace the social network with Google Currents throughout July and with it the final stone of a service that was born to compete with Facebook.

Google Plus has changed into a better life among the consuming public since 2018, but it was still present in serving companies during these two years, but it eventually disappeared forever to be replaced by Google currencies Will be done.

Google Plus Replacement, Currents To Be Rolled Out This July -

If you don't know it, Google Currents is a G Suite application that allows people to communicate with your organization, thus helping keep everyone informed and giving owners the option to be closer to their workers is.

And it is that Google Currents has been in a beta testing period for quite a few months, and after that, it will change what little was left of Google Plus. For business users who have been using Google Plus for the past two years, Google will make the transfer of all posts and all URLs to the new service the equivalent of directing to their Currents pages as effectively as possible.

Google rolling out Google Plus replacement Currents to G Suite ...

In particular, it will be from July 6 when Google Currents will definitely replace Google+. Through postures, participants are allowed to share links, pictures, texts, surveys, and allow organizations to have close virtual relationships with their employees.

Unlike Google+, which was born to compete with more traditional social networks such as Facebook, Google Currents currently seeks to position itself within a market marked by Slack or Microsoft Teams, and at a time when the world's Telecom is recommended for most companies...

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