HUAWEI artificial intelligence now closer than ever to the user

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HUAWEI has developed the most advanced artificial intelligence systems and has put them at the service of people. Now, all that technology comes to HUAWEI devices in the form of a personal assistant that makes life a little easier.
Thanks to the high performance of their mobiles and tablets, now all users can take advantage of this artificial intelligence integrated into their mobile device to make their use more efficient.
The HUAWEI Assistant learns from your habits and routines by showing you the information you need just at the right time, helping you in your day-to-day, and improving the experience of using your device. Also, right now they have an active campaign with which you can win a P40 Pro mobile if you enable these services on your device.
“ TODAY is HUAWEI's commitment to give its users all the valuable information available in the fastest and easiest way possible. The constant updating of its contents and its high capacity for personalization will make this service one of our users ' favorites ”explained Jaime Gonzalo, VP of HUAWEI Mobile Services Europe in a company third party image reference
HUAWEI Assistant: the information you need at all times
This Assistant uses artificial intelligence integrated into your device to display the monitoring data of your activity and displays dynamic content with the information that most interests you, just when you need it most.
Do you have a meeting or do you have to travel? HUAWEI Assistant shows you more interesting information related to your calendar events. In short, everything you need to make your life easier.
This Assistant is already integrated into those models that have the EMUI 10.0 or later operating system installed as the new mobile phones of the P40 series, but you can also take advantage of the advantages of this assistant by installing it on your HUAWEI device if it is updated to EMUI 9.0. This includes older series like the P20, P30, and the entire Mate 20 third party image reference
Just go to the HUAWEI Assistant page and download the APK installation file to install it on your device. In addition to experiencing the Personal Assistant on your device, you can also win a P40 Pro mobile.
Then, you just have to activate it from the Main screen and wallpaper section of the settings menu of your device. In this section, tap on the Settings option on the main screen and there you will find the switch that activates the HUAWEI Assistant.
Celia, a personal voice assistant with her name
The HUAWEI Assistant is an artificial intelligence system put at the service of users to improve the experience of using devices, bringing information closer to the user in a simple way.
However, HUAWEI artificial intelligence is advancing by leaps and bounds and this HUAWEI Assistant has a very interesting complement with which you won't even have to touch the screen of your device.
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We are talking about Celia, a voice assistant that uses HUAWEI's AI Voice to interact with the user using natural voice commands. Simply activate Celia using the "Hey Celia" command and request the information you need, and Celia will display it on the screen immediately.

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