Oppo band, new activity bracelet with NFC, oxygen meter and 14 days battery for just 25 Euro

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Oppo has launched an activity bracelet called the Oppo Band and it surprises for its outstanding features at a very reasonable price. It sure didn't take us long to see him in Spain.

Oppo continues to expand its product range. They have put their new Oppo band up for sale in China, a quantitative bracelet with NFC, and a battery that lasts 14 days, with other advanced sensors at just 25 euros.

The competition in this market is so fierce that it is no longer enough to include heart rate or step meter even at cheap rates. To compete, the Oppo band offers very interesting specifications. Thus, it joins the Oppo Watch, a smartwatch presented last March. Oppo wants to forcefully enter the Virbels market.

credit: third party image reference

Oppo Band has a 1.1-inch color AMOLED screen with a resolution of 294x126 pixels. In the sensor section, it stands for monitoring 12 different games. It is submersible at 50 meters.

It has a heart rate meter and a blood oxygen meter to measure aspects such as fatigue and performance.

What's more, one of the most wanted functions: NFC communication. This opens the doors for the possibility of using it to make payments directly from the wristband to shops, without using a credit card or mobile phone.

Just Oppo Band has been introduced to the new Oppo fashion band with a thinner series, and Oppo band Eva, a limited edition inspired by the legendary manga and anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion.

credit: third party image referenceThe only thing missing is GPS, but it makes complete sense in this price range. The price of Oppo Band in China is around 25 Euro, while the price of the Oppo Fashion Band is around 32 Euro.

At the presentation press conference, Oppo assured that very soon he would reach the West. At least VAT will have to be added to the sugar price, but still, it is a very interesting value for advanced works such as NFC or blood oxygen meters.

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