Remove China app, controversial application that erases all traces of China on your phone.

Android app that removes Chinese apps gets massive support in ...

India is in a strong dispute with China, with tensions at the borders and international support that the Asian giant is at a disadvantage. An example of the inconvenience is the creation of an app like China Apps, whose name could not be more descriptive: it finds and removes Chinese applications from your phone and uninstalls them. Of course, its creators claim that it is an educational app ...
2019 and 2020, above all, are leaving us sad episodes that more than united countries, are tearing us apart. In recent months, China has fared well, first noting how Huawei is vetoed by the Trump government so that North American companies cannot trade with Chinese companies. Later, some pointed to the Asian giant as the creator of the COVID-19.

An app to remove Chinese applications goes viral -

This has heightened anti-Chinese sentiment in some countries, and India has intensified tensions with its neighboring country in recent months. Various tensions translate to the creation of apps such as Remove China Apps, ranked as the first app for download in various categories of Google Play Store in India.
Explain what has included in Remove China Apps is very simple. And, its name could not be more descriptive. This is an application that scans our phones, selects, and removes any Chinese apps we find.
As we read in Gizmochina, the application developed by the OneTouch AppLabs company was published on 17 May and accumulated over 5 million downloads. It has an almost perfect rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 and is an option that appears first in categories such as Apps and Tools, Top New, Top New Free, and General.

App that lets you find and delete made in China apps on Android ...

This app searches for Chinese applications downloaded from the Android Store, so it is not able to view or delete apps that come pre-installed on mobile phones, nor do we install them via APK files.
Now, such an application… what is the description of this in the Play Store so that there is no idea of ​​an app going against a country?
According to its creators, it is an app that has an educational purpose to identify the country of origin of the applications. However, it is curious that it identifies only Chinese applications and the features of uninstalling them.
Despite the details being like this, they either don't stray names ... or logos, crossing two brooms with a dragon. And yes, the problems between the two countries go beyond a simple app.
In recent months, for example, many Western companies have found an area in India where labor can be more profitable than China (and secure for some trade agreements).

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