The Mercadona cream that sweeps the shelves: sells more than 1,600 units a day

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Mercadona has a star product for this summer on its shelves. An exfoliating cream designed to hydrate and care for the skin during those months of heat, beach, and sun.
Mercadona is one of the supermarket chains that takes the most care of its hygiene and personal care section. Skincare, makeup, and hair care products have become famous on their shelves. Now it seems that the focus of attention is on a new exfoliating cream, the See see Mineral Body Cream. 
Now that summer comes, skincare becomes more important. This season we expose the skin to a large number of agents that can wear it down while benefiting it. The sun can be a good friend and at the same time the enemy of our skin and it all depends on the time we spend exposed to the sun's rays, like the care we give it. credit: third party image reference
To keep our skin in shape, experts recommend using sun creams, moisturizers, and, occasionally, exfoliants such as Mineral See see cream. Such is the success of this product, that Mercadona can sell more than 1,600 units a day, as indicated in Salamanca 24 hours.
The secret that makes this scrub so special is that it has a base of microscopic Dead Sea mineral salts to remove dead skin and hydrate new skin. It also has sweet almond, grape seed, sunflower seed, sesame, argan, and canine rose fruit oils. A very nutritious mixture to apply throughout the body. It also has vitamin E, a very popular antioxidant, and essences of honey and milk, in case all these ingredients were not enough to give it a sweet and pleasant smell. credit: third party image reference
Mercadona recommends using this cream once or twice a week, although after long exposures to the sun it may not be recommended. In that case, it would be good to apply an aftersun or a moisturizer first and when the skin has calmed down, after a shower, we can apply the scrub. 
Applying this cream in areas such as the elbows, knees, and ankles makes the skin hydrated and eliminates dry and cracked parts, but it is not recommended to use it in areas where we have very sensitive or burned skin.

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