The NBA considers the use of a ring that detects symptoms of the human virus

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In the NBA they are going to use Oura's smart rings to detect if the players suffer any of the symptoms of the human virus.
When it comes to detecting the symptoms of the human virus, most companies are choosing to take the temperature of the employees when they arrive at work each day, although others have carried out the PCR as they joined after quarantine. In any case, knowing if someone is infected is a challenge, but in the NBA they have found an effective method of controlling players: the Oura rings.
Using a smart ring, different measurements of the human body can be made, such as temperature, heart rate, or respiratory rate. When these factors are monitored and supervised by software specially developed for the detection of patients, it is possible to " predict and predict the appearance of symptoms related to the human virus ".
According to the Rockefeller Institute for Neuroscience at West Virginia University, symptoms can be observed with the Oura rings " three days in advance, with 90% accuracy. " These times can be very useful for the NBA, but also other areas.
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In the NBA they face one of the problems that exist in professional sports: as physical contact between players is necessary, there is a high probability of contagion if there is a patient, so they must live in a continuous quarantine when the season is reactivated. Not only because of the virus or the imbalance that sick players can cause in the league, but the long-term consequences of suffering from the human virus are also unknown.
That is why it is opting for the use of these Oura smart rings that will serve to fully control your health and the prediction of possible diseases, a device that in principle is very reliable and whose use will not inconvenience third party image reference
These rings weigh between 4 and 6 grams and have the autonomy of one week with a charge as they require monitoring 24 hours a day. The devices are synchronized with the mobiles through Bluetooth and are compatible with iOS and Android. In addition to the sensors to control the person, they also have an accelerator and gyroscope.
It remains to be seen if athletes are displayed according to continuous monitoring or if performance is as optimal as advertised. Wearing a ring at all times may not be a pleasant idea for all players, but the NBA machinery can also be very demanding.

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