These have been the best-selling Ikea furniture in our country during the quarantine

credit: third party image reference
During these months, online sales have not stopped and Ikea has shown which have been the best-selling furniture in our country.
Some companies like Ikea have maintained their sales during the quarantine period. Online commerce has been key to enable them to continue selling their products and maintain at least part of their income. Surely, it has also been able to promote some changes in consumption and to check it, nothing better than seeing the best-selling products.
In InStyle magazine, they have shown what were the best-selling products at Ikea during the first months of confinement and teleworking. All of them are large pieces of furniture and none are clearly work-oriented, which indicates that clients have surely chosen to continue shaping their home rather than meeting last-minute third party image reference
Without a doubt, knowing what has been sold in a store like Ikea in Spain is a good indication to know what citizens' homes are looking for. So let's find out.
As you can see, most products are cupboards and furniture for rest, but, yes, none of them is the well-known Billy bookstore that accompanies both homes:
  • Brimnes wardrobe
  • Malm Chest
  • Slant trundle bed
  • Hemnes daybed
  • Kallax bookstore
credit: third party image reference
What we have not been able to know is whether the online sales of these products have increased or the exact or disaggregated figures, but we warn you that if you are looking for information about any of them there is the possibility that you will be encouraged to buy it.
What the experts say about durability
Even though the quality of stock cabinets from IKEA and Home Depot is not the same as custom work, DiClerico says they’re surprisingly sturdy and durable. 
All IKEA cabinets are made with medium-density fiberboard (MDF); same for many of Home Depot's RTA products, while others are made of plywood. 
Only a couple of the experts interviewed had enough (or any) experience with Home Depot products to speak to how well they hold up over time, though you can read reviews on the website to get a sense of what customers have to say. 

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