This is the PS5 console, in two versions, standard and digital

credit: third party image reference
Speculation and prototyping are over. Here we have the first official images of the PlayStation 5 console. It will be sold in two versions, with or without a disc reader.
At the PS5 gaming event, Sony unveiled the final design for the PlayStation 5 by surprise. And it won't come alone. Two versions will be sold: one standard, and the other only for digital games.
With a design in white and blue that recalls the first PlayStation but breaks with the black colors of PS2, PS3, and PS4, its stylized lines, and vertical format stand out.
The PS5 has a kind of base, so everything indicates that it cannot be placed third party image reference
The connectors are in the central part, in black, covered by a strip of blue LEDs, which give it a futuristic look. The design is frankly spectacular, something where Sony does not usually fail. But here it has been overcome.
The big surprise of the announcement has been the existence of two versions. The standard, and a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, without disc reader, only for downloadable games and in the cloud. Unfortunately, Sony has not discussed pricing.
The DualSense command already knew. Its great novelty will be the haptic motors capable of transmitting sensations in the hands. Curiously, it is a system that released the Nintendo Switch joy-con, but that almost no game has exploited.
PlayStation 5 will come accompanied by a series of accessories and peripherals:credit: third party image reference
In addition to a charging station to recharge two DualSense remotes at the same time, the Pulse 3D headphones are released.
And also, a multimedia remote control, and an HD camera:credit: third party image reference
Little by little, we are getting to know all the details of PlayStation 5. Today, about twenty games have also been presented, with very powerful titles such as Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil Village, Hitman III, and many more.

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