How to have the beautiful widgets of iOS 14 on Android

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iOS 14 was presented a few weeks ago and one of the features that caught the most attention was the arrival of widgets in the Apple system, making the comparison with Android inevitable, a system that has widgets since its foundation.
Beyond the delay of those from Cupertino, we must acknowledge the merit of having laid a good foundation for their widgets. They are minimalist and very well designed, as well as offering resources to developers so that they can easily create their widgets.
Do you envy the first Apple widgets and want to have them on your mobile? Now you can have them, more or less, in an imitation that is not as complete as the original ones but that aesthetically looks very third party image reference
With this application, you can imitate the widgets of iOS 14
One of the best customization apps on Android is KWGT. It is a free application, but you need to pay to get the most out of it (or install it from Google Play Pass ). This application by itself gives us the power to create the widgets we want, but it also gives us the power to install widgets installed by third parties.
After the release of the first iOS 14 betas, several users have envied the new Apple widgets, and from KWGT you can have a kind of iOS 14 widgets on Android. The step is easier than it seems and is that by installing an application of 89 cents (available for free for a limited time) we can install them.
Once KWGT and the application are installed, we simply have to drag an empty KWGT widget and touch it to customize it. In the application itself, the widgets of iOS 14 will appear in our third party image reference
Now it's time to select our favorites to create them. Depending on which we choose, it may ask us for certain permissions (for example, the calendar requires access to the calendar, and the physical activity to Google Fit).
As if that were not enough, when selecting the widget what we do is select a template, so if you have mastery with this powerful tool you can fiddle and edit them to your liking.
The operation of the widgets on the other hand is regular since although the information they take is correct, the interaction with them is somewhat more limited. They work well as an information viewer and look good in our launcher, but little else.

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