How to play remote on any mobile game

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Mobile phones have long ceased to be simple communication tools and are already true pocket computers capable of doing things that were unimaginable a few years ago. One of the aspects in which it is becoming more popular is that of being able to become the video game console that is always with you.

Not surprisingly, there are more and more gaming mobiles, mobiles designed to offer the best possible gaming experience. Beyond including powerful processors, a large battery, and the best screen and sound possible, many times these phones include special controls compatible with those games that only work with touch screens.

Is it possible to play these games with a controller if I don't have a gaming smartphone? Can I play with any controller? Well, with this application it is possible, and we will tell you how it third party image reference

Play on mobile: this application is essential

Looking for entertainment options for the summer I have ended up trying to use my smartphone to play more games, but I found a great barrier, and that is that I hate playing with buttons on the touch screen (it does not happen to me with games well designed for touch screens). While some games include controller support, it's less frequent than I'd like.

I have ended up testing Octopus, an application that promises what many gaming mobiles do with their official controls, and it is the possibility of assigning each button to certain actions.

The process is simple, and we simply have to download the application and grant it the necessary permissions.

The next step is to connect a controller, either via Bluetooth or via a USB OTG cable, that is your choice. Depending on the remote, it may be assigned perfectly from the first moment or you must calibrate it. In any case, calibration is easy and should not take too much third party image reference

Now, all we have to do is start the game we want to play, which will require a paid plugin (1.59 euros) if you want to connect to Google Play games. Still, you can start the game without paying and play perfectly (a new game or manually connecting it). From it the Octopus icon will appear, which when we touch will allow us to readjust the controls.

The application itself is free, although it has many advertisements and many of its advanced features require that we pay for the Pro version. Here we have two options, costing the first 1.59 to unlock the synchronization of Google Play Games or 5.99 To remove the ads, unlock Google Play sync. A high price but if you play a lot with the mobile and want to do it with a controller, it will surely be a bargain for what it offers you.

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