Huawei MatePad Pro, analysis and opinion

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Huawei MatePad Pro is the latest professional tablet from the Chinese brand for those professionals who want to travel light without sacrificing good performance. We tell you all the details in our analysis and opinion of the Huawei MatePad Pro.
Huawei returns to the charge in the field of tablets with a proposal of a professional nature that comes very hard when it comes to hardware, as revealed by the fact that instead of taking the MediaPad prefix like other tablets Huawei, this takes the name of MatePad in a clear nod to the brand's laptops and convertibles.
No one escapes that this Huawei MatePad Pro comes with the desire to scratch users to tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and even the Galaxy Tab S5e that has already passed through our laboratory. Positioning itself as a clear alternative to iPad Pro for Android third party image reference
However, although in the hardware it is more or less clear that it will offer a solvent behavior, the doubts arise from its software. In this analysis, we will discover if it is worth betting on the most powerful Huawei tablet, which arrives in our country with a price of 549 euros only for the tablet, or 599.99 euros for the complete kit with keyboard case and M-Pencil pen from Huawei.
Huawei has not risked with the design and remains elegant
If you were expecting to find a revolutionary design, we are sorry to tell you that the Huawei MatePad Pro is like a tailor-made suit, which maintains that certain air of modernity, but above all, it is elegant and sober.
It doesn't seem bad to us. It is a look that will not be out of place in the professional environments in which it aspires to move and is made of materials that enter through the eyes and third party image reference
Despite having generous dimensions of 246 x 159 mm, it has a fairly contained weight that for the scale at 460 grams and only 7.02 mm thick.
The tablet does not feel heavy in the hands, although the truth is that its size and the narrow frames make it necessary to hold it with both hands to maintain a secure grip without the hand that is holding it interfering with the tactile operation of the screen.
Fully compliant, but not the best screen on the market
Covering the front of the notepad Pro we have a 10.8-inch IPS screen and a 16:10 ratio that reveals, once again, its orientation to a field of productivity rather than pure and simple entertainment.
This ratio is slightly higher when the tablet is horizontal, allowing you to display a little more content when opening documents or web third party image reference
Same features as a Huawei P40, but in a big way
2020 is characterized by being a year with very little news regarding the hardware that Huawei mobile devices mount. In all of them, we find very similar configurations starring the powerful Kirin 990 processor.

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