Microsoft Teams Displays: Android screens for meetings

credit: third party image reference
One of the most difficult things in the consumer electronics sector is creating new types of products. When the whole industry is successful, get on the car, but starting from scratch is not easy.
This is what Microsoft is trying with the new Microsoft Teams Displays, devices similar in shape to smart display speakers, but using Android as the operating system and designed to work.
This is the Microsoft Teams Displays
These devices come to be to landlines the same as smartphones have been to mobile phones of the last century.
The idea of ​​the Redmond company is that workers have a device with a touch screen in which to use Microsoft Teams, being able to chat, make calls, look at the calendar, etc.
Team Displays work as second monitors for laptops, something we know Lenovo is working on from what we have seen in a third party image reference
The Lenovo ThinkSmart View is the first Teams Display
The first company to create such a device is Lenovo, which has announced its Lenovo ThinkSmart View for $ 349.
It is a device with an 8-inch screen and a 1280 x 800 px resolution that uses Android 8.1 in its AOSP version. It has two speakers, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 624 processor, and uses Cortana as a voice assistant. Also, at the end of the year, the Yealink company will launch another device of this third party image reference
Presenting something like this in six months is somewhat risky and although this will not be a type of household product, it will be necessary to see if Microsoft is capable of convincing many companies that the future is due to this type of device, which does not They appear to be more than a little trimmed laptop.
The price is of course quite high, especially considering the cost of Android phones with similar features or smart speakers like Lenovo's.

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