The new Samsung folding already has a presentation date

credit: third party image reference
One of the most disruptive technologies in recent years has been folding mobiles. We have been seeing prototypes at fairs and congresses for almost a decade, but it was not until 2019 when companies started to produce business models.
The technology of folding screens had been developed for some time, but taking it to the user on foot was not easy.
The first of the mobiles that we could see announced was the Samsung Galaxy Fold, a terminal that bet on the book format, giving us a huge screen diagonal.
Later we saw the birth of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, an approach to what was once the mobile shell, with a hinge placed horizontally that allowed to reduce the size of the mobile in half to keep it in your third party image reference
There is a date for the next Samsung folding mobile
On August 5, Samsung had virtually summoned us to attend the presentation of the company's new flagship terminal, the Galaxy note 20. There were certain rumors and speculations that that same day it would be chosen for the announcement of what will be The company's third folding mobile. Today the company has made it official on the Twitter profile of the British subsidiary.
The company has not specified whether it is the successor to the Galaxy Fold or the successor to the Galaxy Z Flip, although it is expected that it will be the third party image reference
There are few data and leaks on it, although it is speculated that the biggest change will be in the presence of a larger outer screen and the elimination of the notch or internal notch, being replaced by perforation on the screen to house the inner chamber.
We have to wait until August 5 for this model to be confirmed and we know the price, which seems to be in line with the one that had its predecessor, and the date of sale.

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