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Bingie can become your favorite app, as it can save you time spinning around on Netflix looking for a movie to watch or improvise a marathon on the couch.

It's an app that combines recommendations with chats with friends to find good content on streaming services.

Do you want to know if that new movie is worth it? Or if the new season of the series you saw last summer deserves a marathon? You can take those doubts off by opening a discussion thread with your friends from Bingie. The dynamics are simple, just search for the movie or series title in the app, then share a referral link to invite your friends to the conversation and share opinions about the content.

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All chats are private, so you can invite your group of friends, or just those you know are interested in those topics. So it's a space to share with your friend's opinions about new titles, recommendations from movies you've already seen or reviews about certain content.

While streaming platforms have algorithms to suggest movies and series based on your viewing history, there's nothing like friends' recommendations. On the other hand, this app can also be useful to discover content to watch, since it has the catalog of almost all streaming platforms.

Each title shows you a series of data, for example, the platform that broadcasts it, classification by age, duration, and a small summary. So you'll have a huge catalog, chats with your friends, and some additional options to keep an eye on the series and movies you plan to watch in the coming days.

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