Android 11 comes to Google Pixel 4a in beta form

Just received your new Pixel 4a? Sign up to the Android 11 beta ...

The Pixels have become the phones that previously received Android updates for an obvious reason: they are created by Google. In recent months we have told you the news of Android 11 from a Pixel 3 that we have updated to the beta of this version.

In addition to the Pixel 3 in its two variants, this test version has also reached the Pixel 2, 3a and 4. Now it is the turn of the Pixel 4a.

Latest Pixel, Pixel 4a, receives Android 11 beta
Unsurprisingly, Google has included its latest model, the Pixel 4a that we reviewed a few weeks ago, in the test program of what will be the 2020 version of Android, Android 11.

Although it has not yet been put on sale in Spain, this model already has factory images and Android test versions available.

Google posts factory image, Android 11 beta, & kernel source for ...

If we want to use this terminal to be able to test the latest from Google, we have to sign up for the Android 11 Beta testing phase.

Factory images and OTAs also arrive
If what we need are the factory images we can download them from here. Lastly, the OTAs are available here. The main difference is that the factory image includes the security patch for May (this mobile was supposed to see the light of day in spring) while the OTA has the one for August, the last currently available.

If you still do not know the news that Android 11 will bring, we invite you to watch the video that we prepare in one of the beta versions, as a prelude to the analysis that we will do when the final version goes out.

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