Android TV revamps its homepage with recommendations, trailers, and sponsored content

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Pros and cons, Android TV begins to roll out a new home page loaded with content and recommendations that can be very positive for consumers or become a nuisance. 

Google wants that as soon as we enter Android TV we find a large number of new content so that we do not stay without seeing anything. Consumers with an Android smart TV will be able to receive recommendations, trailers, sponsored content, and new media subscription facilities through the new version that will soon begin to reach the world.

The Mountain View company has published a new entry on its blog announcing these developments in its operating system for smart televisions, Android TV. With the new update, they explain that it will be more convenient to find new content and not run out of ideas to enjoy new content starting this summer. 


The arrival of recommendations and trailers can be a major advantage for customers, although for some the new sponsored content space is a concern, as no one wants the home page of their Android TV to be turned into a billboard. The recommendations will be, in principle, content selected by the entertainment experts of Google Play.

If any content catches our attention, we will be able to see a trailer or a preview at that moment to finish deciding on that program or continue looking. Google also reports the arrival of sponsored content that will be partner announcements, although this news for the moment will only be available in the United States. 

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One of the most interesting news to come to smart televisions with Android TV is a direct subscription to other platforms. If we have already seen all the programs and movies of the streaming services to which we are subscribed and we decide to register in other media, we can quickly sign up from Android TV to them, skipping intermediate forms. Android will use the Google account and the information it already has about us to fill in the data required by this new platform to make the subscription easier. 

The deployment of these novelties is not known how long it will take to reach the rest of the countries. In the United States, Android TV is already recommending new content for all ages from platforms such as Starz, DC Universe, EPIX NOW, NBCUniversarl's Peacock, and HBO Max.

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