Apple 2020 iPad Pro 12.9in review: the best mobile tablet can now get real work done

Apple iPad Pro 2020, analysis and opinion

Apple has renewed its 2020 iPad Pro lineup with the company's latest hardware, the Apple Bionic A12Z, breaking all performance records in this type of device. Will it be an alternative to using a laptop in 2020? We found out in this review of the 2020 Apple iPad Pro.
It is the most desired iPad in the Apple catalog and in 2020 it comes with some performance improvements that put it more than ever in a position of direct competition with the most powerful notebooks. Will it be worth betting on a 12.9 ”iPad Pro in 2020 as a laptop? We will tell you.
Apple has been promoting its iPads as a laptop alternative for some time in many work settings. This fact was consummated with the arrival of the iPad Pro family and its superior performance that put the Apple tablet on the same level as conventional laptops.

2020 Apple iPad Pro

We analyze the top model of the 12.9 ”iPad Pro of 2020 that comes equipped with 1 TB of storage and LTE connectivity with a price of 1,778.30 euros, accompanied by the new Magic Keyboard that, for practical purposes, makes it a de facto laptop. Is it worth such a significant investment? We tell you in detail in this analysis of the Apple iPad Pro 2020.
It should be noted that the general trend of this iPad Pro 2020 is continuity since it is more of an update of certain components and features rather than a new tablet concept.
Apple has not applied too many changes to the design of the 2020 iPad Pro and the only way to differentiate it from the 2018 model is by looking at the camera module, which remains located in the same place, but considerably increases its size and performance.

2020 Apple iPad Pro

This square module stands out on aluminum back that sports a spectacular Space Gray matte finish, although it is also available in the traditional iPad silver finish. In the center is the Apple Bitten Apple logo in gloss black.
In a central position, but at the bottom, we find the pins of the Smart connector that allow the connection of the iPad to cases, keyboards, and various accessories.
In its 12.9-inch version, Apple's professional tablet has dimensions of 280.6 x 214.9 mm, maintaining a very slim profile of only 5.9 mm. This very compact thickness allows you to stop the scale at a content of 643 grams. Not bad considering that models like Microsoft's Surface Pro X - which we had the opportunity to analyze a few months ago - weigh 774 grams.

2020 Apple iPad Pro

The rectilinear edges of the 2020 iPad Pro have not changed in the least. The right edge is the busiest since in it we find the slot for the SIM card in the case of models with 4G LTE connectivity, such as the 2020 iPad Pro that we are analyzing.
The fact of using an IPS panel also takes away some of the intensity in the blacks, since this technology must keep the pixels on even to show the black color. That makes the contrast not so pronounced and the dark tones are somewhat more washed out than on AMOLED screens.
The screen protector glass has an anti-reflective coating that reduces the incidence of glare and reflections on its surface. This coating does not reach the levels of a matte screen, but it does reduce the intensity of these highlights if we compare it side by side with those shown on the screens of other devices.

2020 Apple iPad Pro

Viewing angles are very wide and there is hardly any change in brightness or contrast when viewing screen content from very steep angles.
Apple has once again left the native HDR support in the pipeline, something that is incomprehensible on a screen that, due to specifications and quality, would offer an excellent visual experience when viewing or working with HDR content.
That does not mean that the 2020 iPad Pro allows you to enjoy HDR videos with excellent quality and clarity, although the interpretation of the colors is not the one that the author has established, the one that the iPad believes is more accurate.
More graphics power just by changing a letter on your CPUIn this section we are not going to be careful: the 2020 iPad Pro offers brutal performance and is placed at performance levels similar to that of some Cupertino firm's laptops such as the 2020 MacBook Air and even the most discreet models of MacBook Pro.

2020 Apple iPad Pro

Responsible for this spectacular performance is the new A12Z Bionic processor, one of the main novelties provided by the 2020 version of the iPad Pro, which joins the incorporation of 6 GB of RAM for the entire iPad Pro 2020 range regardless from your storage.
Apple's A12Z Bionic is not a new processor. In reality, it is an A12X Bionic that has been "awakened" by a graphics processing core that was latent in the previous generation processor, going from seven GPU cores to eight.
In this way, the 2020 iPad Pro gains around 8% graphic performance and improves its ability to process Augmented Reality information that gains prominence in the 2020 model.
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