Civilization VI, the strategy classic, now available for Android

Civilization VI is now available on Android devices - TechSpot
Strategy games are popular among Android users in Spain, and there is also a large selection of games available on the Play Store. A selection to which from today we can add a new title, which for many surely is known since it is Civilization VI, which officially arrives on the Google Play Store.

Civilization VI is the latest installment in this series of games created by Sid Meier, which arrived in 2016 for computers. In 2018 it was released for iOS devices, but nothing was known about its possible launch on Android. It seemed that the game was never going to arrive, but now it makes its entry into Google Play.

This is Civilization VIBy its name, we can already intuit what this game consists of. Civilization VI is a game where we will have to create our civilization, which we will then expand and grow as we see fit. Since we can select which territories we want to enter or what resources to use. So we are going to make this civilization grow.

The operation of the game has not changed compared to its version for computers or iOS. It has been known to adapt to the screens of the phones so that the controls are comfortable at all times. The quality of the graphics does not disappoint, so there will be no problems when playing Civilization VI on your Android mobile.

Civilization VI is having a free weekend on Steam | PCGamesN

The game has a turn-based mechanic, although this is just one of its problems. Since in the game only the first 60 turns are going to be free. If we want to be able to play the full game, without limitations, we will have to pay 21.99 euros. Also, various expansions of it are made available to users. This paid version also unlocks the multiplayer mode in it.

If you want to be able to try Civilization VI on your Android mobile, it can be downloaded from the Play Store. Although the game is very heavy, since it weighs 4.2 GB, so do not forget to activate the WiFi connection to perform this download. When you have downloaded it, you will be able to start the trial version, to see if it convinces you, before paying for the rest.

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