Firefox on Android copies one of the features of Google Chrome

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Firefox is a design known to most users in Spain, although it is very popular in its desktop version for computers. The browser also has its version for Android, which is being updated over time, introducing a multitude of new functions, having changed its design significantly as well.

The browser has just introduced a feature that many of those who use Google Chrome on Android will surely recognize. Since when browsing using Firefox on Android, we will see that the browser now shows the simplified URL, as it already happens in Chrome for Android.

Firefox shows simplified URLsWhen we enter a website using Chrome, we can see in the address bar that we have a padlock icon, which tells us if the website is secure and encrypted. If we click to see the address of said website, the browser shows it in a simplified way, eliminating the https: // of said address. Precisely what is now introduced in Firefox?

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When we are now using the Firefox browser on our Android phone, we can see that the padlock icon will be displayed in the address bar, so that we can know more about the security of the web page in question in which we are in that moment. When pressing to see the web address, it will be displayed in a simplified way. To see it in full, we have to click twice on that address, in addition to seeing the security protocol.

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This is not a radical change in the browser, but it is the type of change that allows more comfortable use of it. Mozilla knows that they have to adapt Firefox to the maximum to the screen of the phone, so by displaying a simplified web, they will be able to save space. Since there are times when the address of a website is very long. Using a simple double press we will be able to see said address in full.

This change is available in the browser, although not all users get it yet, it is something that should begin to be seen in the next few hours around the world.

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